American Original

Just finished watching American: The Bill Hicks Story. As an aside, I always find it funny when figures who are seen as critical of America like Hicks, are pictured with large American flags as some kind of salve to right wing ‘Love it or leave it’ types

They should picture him grinning manically next to a burning flag, in my opinion

Now I’ve got this off my chest, I’ll turn my attention to this fascinating documentary. Fascinating not because of the way it is made but because of the drive and focus of its main protagonist, Mr. Hicks.

The guy was a force of nature, doing stand up from the age of 15 and getting into see Hollywood agents at the age of 19.

What comes through clearly from this film is that Hicks was extremely intelligent and insightful. More than just funny, he was a truth teller in the mould of Orwell, and Defoe. Perhaps this explains his popularity in my native land England. They immediately recognized a non-conformist thinker of their own ilk.

His remarks about how our institutions are failing because they are becoming irrelevant and we should just let them go, was something you’d expect to come out of the mouth of a Harvard professor not a mere stand up.

I also hadn’t realized just how badly Dennis Leary had ripped him off. It explains why Leary has done nothing of merit since Hicks died. No one around worth ripping off, I guess.

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