Mondo Danger Mouse

A couple of months ago I was re-acquainting myself with Ennio Morricone through the ‘Mondo Morricone’ compilation. Its pretty special stuff and has a melancholy and melodic beauty that you don’t here to often in soundtracks these days.

(Just reading that sentence back makes me realize the truth is you don’t get it many soundtracks of any period)

That’s why I find the Danger mouse and Daniele Luppi ‘Rome’ project fascinating.

Both are big fans of Italian soundtracks of the sixties and early seventies and have endeavored to do their own version with help from Jack White, Norah Jones and an assortment of other notables.

On first hearing it I felt it to be a reasonable stab but not something I wouldn’t revisit.

Now of course, I’m listening to it on a regular basis and loving it.

The signature tune of the soundtrack, a refrain that is repeated through out and called ‘Her Hollow Ways’ is very Morricone-esque but still retains something of Danger Mouse too.

I can’t get it out of my head. Hopefully I can now put it in yours.

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