My name is Nick and I am a Pinterest addict

It all started couple of weeks ago when I went to SXSW for the interactive conference. I attended many lectures and heard many stimulating and erudite speakers. Then a made the mistake of leaving the conference center. Never get out of the boat. Never leave the conference center. Because on a trip to a lecture at the darkest Hyatt hotel, I was introduced to the dark world of online image bookmarking and the word Pinterest entered my vocabulary. For those unfamiliar with this fiendishly addictive, invitation-only site it’s basically a virtual pinboard where according to the creators, ‘you can collect things you love and follow collections created by people with great taste.’ This is largely true if you believe that puppies, frosted cupcakes and pastel are tasteful. If not, you may have to trawl the boards to find people whose take on style is a little more original. However, pretty soon you can start having a constantly stimulating visual experience. Why is it so addictive? Because like drinking, eating, sex and crystal meth, it’s easy to do. Simply drag a ‘Pin it’ bookmark to your toolbar and most sites you visit with images will allow you to click on them and add them to whichever Pinterest board you specify. This is great, if like me, you have a memory like a sieve and forget where you saw things and if you’re a stylist or designer who needs inspiration for a project. Of course I can go to tumblr to source things but Pinterest is a place that allows me to organize what I find, not simply find it. Also, as it lets you know where the item was found it encourages people to visit the logs and sites of various visual artists, which in turn encourages them to discover more cool work. If I had one small quibble, I wish they would have a function that let me make certain boards secret. This would be useful if I was working on paid projects. That aside I think the site is awesome sauce…though I do have to say that since I started to type this I have been off Pinterest for over an hour and am suffering withdrawal symptoms. So if you don’t mind I’ve got some things on tumblr that urgently need my pinning attention…bye-bye. And happy pinning.

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