The Great Unplayed

Every collection has got them; that box set of Mozart symphonies that we would ‘grow in to’, that bizarre late John Coltrane album that would ‘open our minds’, that whim purchase of Blood Sweat and Tears that we only brought because we liked the name, the Trojan Ska compilation that would show our ‘musical breadth’. I could go on.

We can have these artifacts sitting there on our hard drive gathering cyber dust or leaning against the wall at the back of our burgeoning vinyl collection.

Then one day, one album breaks free from its month’s, even years of neglect and we actually deign to play it.

Most of the time this reprieve is short lived and we soon discover exactly why we haven’t been playing it. A musical sixth sense that was telling us that what dwelt inside this album was something terrifyingly experimental or stupefyingly mundane.

Yet occasionally, just occasionally, we discover that we have made a heinous, unforgivable error.

Such is the case with Danger Mouse and Sparklehorse’s mighty fine ‘Dark Knight of the Soul.’. It’s awesome.

I hang my head in shame.

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