Think Small

I work in advertising! Fuck yeah! I’m the luckiest man alive! How lucky I am to be born in such a time! It’s like the sixties. Except instead of the Beatles we have twitter!

I’m just trying to give you an idea of the tone of  ‘The Idea Writers’ by Teressa Iezzi

She’s really excited about what’s going on in adland right now. Whether it is twelpforce by CP&B or the Oasis dig your soul campaign by BBH.

It’s a brave new world for the copywriter, who might be as likely to come up with an idea for a product (chicken fries!)  as a ‘Man your man could smell like’ line.

Back when I started in advertising in the UK our idea of an innovation was having a 10 second TV spot (10 seconds? They’ll be anarchy!)

So the idea of a barrage of ever changing media possibilities is pretty exciting, I agree

Also speaking as a copywriter, I am relieved to be released from the tyranny of that unholy trinity TV/poster/Print.

Unfortunately (and amazingly) this message only seems to have gotten through to a percentage of the industry.

People talk the talk of course (all HyperIsland and no trousers) but their walk….it’s the same old walk straight to the TV storyboard.

There is little opportunity on many briefs to take a detour down Social Media Street or Microsite Avenue. Or rather you can go there, and might well be encouraged too internally by your bosses  … but don’t expect this to be really taken seriously by a client raised on the delights of the 2 week shoot with an A list director and a reservation at Spago.

A facebook app isn’t really going to cut it for him/her if you get my drift.

So the question is how do you bring about the exciting work any creative wants to be involved with faced with these barriers?

I think the answer is touched upon in Iezzi’s clearly written and generally excellent overview of the industry. Think small. Little inexpensive things that sneak through the net and can have a big impact. If they don’t pan out, well you didn’t spend much. If they do, well then you can argue more convincingly how they need to spend more money on this kind of stuff.

 I know for many fans of the big idea this is a heresy akin to praising a starburst but I’m all for questioning a few sacred cows. Maybe the big idea like an overly stuffed corporation, needs to downsize.

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