Tim Maia

What’s great about the modern world is nothing can remain hidden for long. Sooner or later you’ll discover everything. Sometimes that’s a mixed blessing and means enduring an obscure subtitled Iranian film.

Other times it means discovering Tim Maia.

Who is he? Well according to Wikipedia he’s a Brazilian artist who came to prominence after spending part of the 60’s in America where he spent six months in jail for marijuana possession.

Then in the early seventies he released four cracking albums, which feel very contemporary in that they are heavily influenced by American soul music.

You can get the first of these albums, released in the 1970, on iTunes.

Also Spotify has it, so you can listen to it for next to nothing.

Not only was he a great singer, he was also a great character who before his death in 1998 he was going to run for office as a socialist. His campaign led to him giving up great quotes like the following

“Brazil is the only country where – in addition to whores cumming, pimps being jealous, and drug dealers being addicted – poor people vote on right wing”

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