We need another hero

It’s been along time since I’ve come out of a film raving like a lunatic. Maybe it was the long brooding silence’s or the extreme violence or simply a man crush on Ryan Gosling (though his eyes are too close together) but Drive did that to me.

It has a superb array of performances from the aforementioned Gosling (doing a fine McQueen-ish turn) to Albert Brooks as an unlikely Jewish gangster. The superbly named Dane, Nicolas Winding Refn, also expertly directs it.

However, what really caught my attention was that its one of the few indie films that has a genuine hero at its heart.

Usually more intelligent fare tends to have an anti-hero like say the Tyler Durden character in ‘Fight Club’. Not so ‘Drive’, for though Gosling is a part time getaway driver he is extremely moral and has a definite sense of right and wrong. Indeed it’s worth noting that the characters in the film that don’t share this character trait end up dead.

Carey Mulligan, who seems at first miscast as the wife of a recently released convict, actually helps to define the films moral compass. She is someone that brings out our protective instinct, a damsel in distress if you will. This makes Gosling the Knight in shining amour, with his car as his steed.

It got me thinking that maybe we are entering an era when people once more need heroism. That in a time of mass fraud and corruption it’s no longer going to do to be morally ambivalent and cool. Today you have to stand for something.

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