Just Say Meth

They say shock tactics don’t work when persuading people to give up drugs. I’m sure they’re right. However shock tactics can lead to powerful, conceptual advertising. Unfortunately this not what has happened  in  these spots by Darren Aronofosky for Meth.


The problem is that they’re not telling me something I don’t already know about Meth addiction. So Meth can make you steal from your own family can it? No shit.

And it  can make you self-harm? There’s a surprise.

There must be other far more surprising pieces of information you can get out of this subject. Also if you’re going to do ‘real’ documentary-style spots, please go the extra mile to make them feel that way.

Finally, good public service spots come out of great strategic insights like the Anti-smoking work Crispin did a few years ago . The insight in this case was that kids like to feel rebellious and go against ‘the establishment” so make cigarette companies that evil corporate ‘man’ rather than a symbol of youthful rebellion.


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