Where’s the revolution?

At a time where you have Occupy Wall Street, mass unemployment and general disillusionment with society you’d think you’d also have the sound of rebellion. Young groups full of vim and vigor, screaming their displeasure with the powers that be. Then it occurred to me, actually those things only occur when the economy is good not bad. Think about it. The golden age of the 50’s saw Elvis and Gene Vincent, the consumer boom of the 60’s and 70’s saw The Rolling Stones and then The Clash

The early nineties tech boom on the West Coast saw Nirvana and Rage against the Machine.

Anytime there have been really severe downturns you tend to get Busby Berkeley musicals (Great Depression) Wham (early eighties recession) and Lady Gaga (now)

It seems all most people want to do when times are bad is escape to a good time.

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