Real Estate Rising

No, unfortunately not that real estate. The kind I refer to is a band from New Jersey who have a front cover of this month’s Fader, as well as a best music plug by Pitchfork.

I caught them recently at The Crocodile in Seattle and whereas I love the laid back, mellow nature of the album (in fact I’m listening to it as I write) I have to say that live it wasn’t exactly Nirvana.

I mean the namesake of this venue was home to some of the biggest acts in grunge. Indeed, I’ve seen ‘The Melvins’ here last year  and they exude a certain attitude a sense of strangeness and danger.

The trouble with Real Estate is your mum would like them. As cool as the tunes are, they exude all the danger of a cub scout convention.

Face it, no middle aged family is going to cross the street if they see this lot coming. They’re more likely to ask them if they’ve done their homework.

Does that matter? Well yes if there are no bands that take up the banner of rebellion.

In this era there’s no Clash , Rage against the Machine or Public Enemy. Nothing that seethes with an intelligent rage.

Considering the state of the economy you’d think there would be. Instead we are invited to tap our feet while Rome burns

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