The End of the World is Trier

Be it ‘The Walking Dead’ or ‘Take Shelter’  it seems the modern world and in particular America, is full of apocalyptic visions. The latest addition to the genre comes courtesy of Danish director, Lars Von Trier.

His film ‘Melancholia’ concerns a planet of that name, which is about to give everyone a very bad hair day by possibly colliding with earth.

The title of the film not only refers to the planet but also to the mental condition of one of the two women at the heart of the film, Justine, played by Kirsten Dunst.

Justine is a depressive who finds it hard to cope with everyday life and relies upon the support of her seemingly sensible sister Claire, played by Charlotte Gainsbourg.

However, as the film develops we see that Claire is in fact extremely neurotic. Her calm exterior hides a nervous temperament, which goes into overdrive once Melancholia looms large on earth’s horizon.

By the end of the film ,as they await the apocalypse with a Wagner accompaniment, their roles have been effectively reversed.

I have to say that despite the fine acting and the interesting premise, the film dragged for me and only started becoming more engaging once the doomsday scenario really took hold of the narrative.That said I’ve took the time to write a review of it and I certainly won’t be doing that for Mr.Popper’s Penguins.

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