Being and nothingness

  It’s along time since I’ve read a novel that’s actually made me want to write anything. Then along comes Alexander Maksik’s ‘You deserve nothing’ If I say the book is very philosophical (there is much discussion of Sartre and Camus) and delves into the very idea of what it means to be human, you …

Death to the Tinman

This came out a couple of years but as usual with my usual knack of being behind the times I’ve only just seen it. It’s a weird almost Lynchian short film based on a section in Frank Baum’s The Marvelous Land of Oz’.    

Marathon Man

Ever wondered what it’s like to run at a marathon runners pace? To coincide with the New York Marathon San Diego agency Vitro created a video wall for Asics, featuring the marathon runner Ryan Hall. It challenged all-comers to race against the athelete for 60 feet. I thought this was kind of cool

Hating Unhate

Years ago Benetton, the Italian clothing firm used to run controversial ads. They started being in some way relevant to the product. Benneton sold bright colored clothing and the ads reflected a loose colors theme. For example, one campaign featured The Queen retouched to look like she came from African descent, another a Chinese Pope …

Dreams are made of this

People too often complain about all the crap that gets put on YouTube but I have to say I love coming across things like this home made video for Magnetic Fields ‘Busby Berkeley Dreams’, using found footage from his old musicals. Its not a great imaginative leap to come up with it but I’m glad …