Don’t go into the mountains

I’ll give you a tip. If you happen to be walking in the Scottish Highlands and come across a child hidden in a hole in the ground, leave her there.

It may seem heartless but I promise you, no good can come of saving her.

I know because that’s what the characters in ‘A Lonely Place to Die’ do, the fools.

Before they know where they are, their kindness is repaid by being chased by throat-slitting, heavily armed psychopaths.

They don’t even have time to enjoy the breathtaking scenery that surrounds them because they’re too busy dodging bullets.

Happily we can watch their predicament from the safety and comfort of our armchairs and be thoroughly entertained, if not overly surprised, by this British thriller.

The action is neatly directed, the tension nicely brought to boil. If had one criticism I’d have liked more of a ‘twist-in-the-tale’ ending but frankly the dearth of any other decent thrillers this year outside of ‘Hanna’ makes it stand out like a mighty Highland mountain.

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