Sarah Lund, bitch with a badge.

One of the many things you need to avoid in life apart from steamed broccoli and any show that encourages celebrities to dance, is being the partner of Detective Lund of the Copenhagen police force. It seems everyone around her either ends up dead or fired.

This would be fine if she made up for it with her winning personality. Unfortunately, to add insult to injury, she’s also a pain in the ass. She even walks out of her mother’s wedding. That’s the mark of a Grade A bitch.

So why exactly is she so likeable in spite of her shortcomings? Well, if there’s one thing we respect in life it’s people who have integrity and conviction because so often it’s what we lack.

Lund has these qualities in spades. It’s what makes her so objectionable to many around her. She’s prepared to ask the mother of a killed soldier if she’s mind digging up his body (it could help give them a new lead in the case) or walk into a shower full of naked men to insure an interview with a recalcitrant soldier. (Come on …there’s some things she needed answering)

If she were a maverick male cop such things would not be tolerated. Maverick cops ruffle the feathers of their bosses and follow unorthodox ‘hunches’ but brazenly disinterring someone would be a bit much. As a female however, Lund can get away with more and takes full advantage of the fact.

This is great if you’re detective, not so good if you want to take her on a date.


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