Submarine gives me that sinking feeling

One of these days I’m going to see a coming age movie where the protagonist is a burly 6ft beer-drinking rugby player who has a crush on a hot blonde girl who really likes him. They shag like rabbits and live happily ever after.

It’s about as likely as hen’s teeth but sooner or later I will be rewarded by something other than the rather annoying quirkfest that is ‘Submarine’

In this amazingly over-praised ‘comedy’, and the word really does have to be put inverted commas or perhaps come with a legal disclaimer, we have all the stock clichés. Shy, awkward, duffel coat wearing, sensitive type Oliver, attracts the attention of smirky, quirky indie girl Jordana.

They awkwardly kiss and awkwardly have sex and awkwardly break-up.

Around them is a cast of dysfunctional adults like you’ve seen in every coming of age film from ‘The Graduate’ onwards.

Of course, you know that the makers and writers are very similar to our protagonist. Or like to think they are. I always doubt just how ostracized the makers of ‘Submarine’ or for that matter ‘The In-betweeners’ really were at school.

30 Rock did a funny take on this idea for Liz Lemon’s high school reunion, where her belief that she was shy and socially awkward are found to be totally fraudulent as ex-classmates expose her as a snarky bitch who said cutting things.

Now that’s clever; taking a premise that I’m familiar with and turning it on its head. No such luck with ‘Submarine’, which continues down its well-trodden path to the bitter end. For some reason, the end involves our protagonists fully dressed, up to their knees in salt water smiling at each other. But then hey, they’re quirky. They do that kind of thing.

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