Hoodies 1 Aliens 0

Following on from the big South African hit ‘District 9’, that showed you could make a lo-budget special effects sci-fi film as long as you had a story worth investing in, comes ‘Attack the Block’

The basic premise: aliens start beaming down to a tough, inner city London housing estate. Ensue shit fight.

Like Shaun of the dead, ‘Attack the block’ is a genre twister – part-comedy, part sci-fi part-kitchen sink social realism, in a weird way.

The main protagonists in the film are mainly black teens, hoodies who roam the London streets in a gang, mugging poor unfortunates who cross their path. It’s a dangerous territory to tread because you can end up seeming pretty racist if you’re not careful. However, the makers neatly get round this by using the very skills that demonize these kids, a propensity to violence, as an undoubted plus point when fighting extraterrestrials.


Pretty soon we are on board with the idea that anyone who can survive the mean streets of London can deal with outer space invaders.

As for the aliens, well lets just say the special effects budget was probably not of Avatar proportions. Not that it matters. When you have a few characters you care about and a decent premise, you’ll forgive quite a lot.

They may riot occasionally but after watching ‘Attack the block’, you’ll be very glad we have inner city kids.


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