U.F.O. discovered

Just when you thought every last obscure 60’s/70’s pop masterpiece had been rediscovered comes Jim Sullivan’s U.F.O.

My favorite reissue of last year, it’s a laid back country rock-ish album that eases it’s way into your affections.

However behind it’s mellow vibe, for those who listen carefully, is a world weariness and pain.

These are the songs of a talented musician and songwriter who never made it. The songs of a man who was happening enough to hang out with the famous but never quite happening enough to be famous himself.

To add to his legend his demise was as mysterious as his album. While on a road trip to Nashville he checked into a hotel in Santa Rosa, New Mexico and was promptly never heard of again.  His car was found abandoned 26 miles away by the side of the road. Almost as if he’d walked off into the desert or been abducted by the aliens he sings of in the title track.

If this is the case they were clearly aliens with impeccable taste, who are probably enjoying all the subsequent recordings of Mr. Sullivan denied to the poor earthlings too stupid to appreciate his talent when he was among us.


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