The Perfect Moment

From the 'Women are Beautiful' book

This is one of my favorite street photographs. There’d be other contenders but there’s something about this one in particular that truly captures what it means to roam the streets with a camera.

What is special about this moment? Nothing really. A young woman is coming out of a building, probably. We can’t be really sure.  It’s summer and a slight breeze catches her blonde hair. In the background, two men in what we might now term ‘Reservoir Dogs’ suits, walk together. The contrast between the blackness of their suits and the blondeness and lightness of the girls clothing is stark and only serve to emphasize her unattainable beauty.

It’s like an angel has dropped to earth and these two gentlemen are her bodyguards.

There’s a lot you can read into this image, maybe others have a different interpretation, but the point is were it not for the street photographer it would be a lost moment among billions of others that happened and went unnoticed.

The fact that it exists for us to look at again and again is a gentle reminder that even the inconsequential in life is truly beautiful, if we can just open our eyes and see it.

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