Angels in America

Having just relocated to New York I’m always amazed at the street life you see as you wonder the streets. Just the other day I saw a man riding a BMX wearing a statute of liberty costume. Later I spied a homeless man who had a suitcase stuffed with Barbie dolls, heads poking out at bizarre angles. Earlier in the year, I remember seeing a gay couple kissing on the streets of Chelsea while behind them a Muslim had rolled out his prayer mat and was giving it some for Allah.

Endless juxtaposition and strangeness; a street photographers dream in other words.

It reminded by of a day back in the early part of the century when I emerged from my apartment with my camera to see a man dressed as an angel just leaning against a lamp post. There was no explanation for his behavior. It’s not as if it was Gay pride week or a fancy dress party was happening in the neighborhood. He was well …just dressed as an angel. Like you do.

Or when I was out in Long Beach and stumbled across a wedding taking place on the beach . Nothing particularly unusual about that but when the party broke up I was able to capture this strange contrast between a white tuxedoed figure and a young black guy in a white toweling robe.

It’s these strange random moments that make me love the city and keep me coming back for more.

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