If I have any regrets when I die apart from the tax evasion, embezzlement, loan sharking and murder, it’s that I had a chance to see Richard Avedon speak about his seminal book ‘In the American West’…and I forgot about it.

It just completely slipped what’s left of my mind. Unbelievable. The following year the chances of attending an Avedon lecture were greatly reduced by him suddenly dying. So I am now left with imagining how good it might have been to have seen him.

The only recourse I have left is to make up for this irreversible piece of imbecility by posting some of those great images.

I’ve heard people say ‘What’s so great about just holding a white backdrop behind some one and shooting it ?’ I’d advise you to ignore these people. They know no what they say.

These pictures are beautiful, elegant, simple, touching, soulful, unsettling and thought provoking by turn and represent some of the finest work of a photographic icon.

One thought

  1. I would kill myself if I had forgotten…… I totally agree with you in the adjectives you give to his pictures, maybe I would add some more if I had the words.

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