Ghost in the Machine

Just went to see Matthew Pillsbury’s ‘City Stages’ at the Bonni Benrubi Gallery on 57th street.

For those unfamiliar with his work many of his large format black and white shots feature blurry ghost-like human beings in the midst of monumental cityscapes, be they the interior of a museum or an apartment in a skyscraper.

It’s almost as if the people in his shots are fading to nothing before our very eyes.

For me, this newer work is not quite as strong as his ‘Screen Lives’ series of a couple of years ago. This might be because he’s pushed the whole long exposure thing as far as it can go. That said there is something about some of his work that gets under my skin and I would be interested to see a mid-career retrospective of his stronger images.

From the 'Screen Lives' series

The Brooklyn Flea, Williamsburg Savings Bank

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