Mountain Man

Just discovered these wonderful early landscapes of mountain ranges taken by Italian photographer and mountaineer, Vittorio Sella.

He was lucky enough to know the Duke of Abruzzi, a man who seemed determined to visit every great mountain range in the world. Handily for Sella, he needed an expedition photographer for these trips and Vittorio happily obliged.

The results are very Ansel Adams-ish. Or perhaps that should be Ansel Adams is very Sella-ish, as Vittorio predates him by several decades.



The major difference between the two is the appearance in many Sella shots of intrepid climbers negotiating the vast glaciers and rock faces of the world. Which in 1900 must have seemed something awe inspiring.

I keep thinking how difficult it must have been to lug a large format camera around in sub zero temperatures.

Put it this way, you’ve really got to love photography to attempt such a thing in 1899. Luckily for us, Sella seems to have dealt with it rather well and left us with these stunning scenes from a bygone age.






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