Street Smart

Doug Rickard is someone who has shamefully escaped my attention. A recent visit to the ICP website hipped me to this interesting new photographer.

His series ‘New American Picture’ is particularly impressive. It features areas of America with high levels of unemployment. These desolate, hopeless-looking places are found remotely by Rickard, using Google street view.

The artist then composes images based on the Google technology on his computer screen and photographs them.

You might ask why doesn’t he just go there and take a picture? To which I’d reply that would only produce another series of images detailing with poverty in America in a manner we’ve seen many times before.

This method puts an interesting twist on traditional street photography, while not shirking the responsibility to bare witness.

It also draws our attention to the lack of privacy in our lives. In the modern world it would seem there’s always someone watching you. However, be comforted by the fact that if it’s Doug Rickard, at least you’ll get a cool image out of it.

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