Old School Surf

Whenever I see any color film from the 70’s I’m always amazed at the richness and quality of it. Jeff Devine’s 70’S surf portraits are no exception. I’m not sure if this is Kodachrome or just color film he’s using but whatever it is the results are outstanding. Admittedly it’s hard to go wrong when you’re backdrop is the coast of Hawaii or California but still there’s something crisp, clean and inviting about these surf scenes that makes a non-surfer like me want to reach for a board.

On reflection I think what makes the color in these shots cool is that it doesn’t mimic reality, it heightens it in someway. Modern digital processes and film seem obsessed with the idea of making it look ‘real’ and at the same time through use of Photoshop ‘pristine’, thereby taking the guts and the art out of the picture.

For more cool surfing shots check out his site at http://www.jeffdivinesurf.com/

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