Animal Lover

Ryan McGinley’s “Fawn (Fuchsia),” 2012.

Not content with having one show opening in New York, Ryan McGinley has two at Team Gallery. One ‘Grids’ features images taken at music festivals all over the world. While the other ’Animals’, continues his interest in pairing critters with nude models. Only this time the emphasis is more on the animals.

“Barn Owl (Pale Gold)”

“Lemur (Lilac)”

As usual there’s something memorable about what he does, which feels like a mix of nature, fashion, portrait and documentary photography. Perhaps it’s the fact that his pictures are so hard to classify that makes them interesting. It’s that whole thing of playing with/mixing genre’s to create something wholly new.

I found an interesting interview with him in the New York Times where he said it takes a look an image and thinks ‘Would this be a good album cover?’ which makes total sense when you look at a lot of what he does, from his series on Morrissey to the ‘Moonmilk’ images of a couple of years ago which I love and include here.

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