Gone Fishing.

Up to the this point the word fisherman has always conjured images of trawlers full of cod, tended by heavily bearded men in Aran knit sweaters. Hardly the stuff to set the pulse racing.

Then I came across Iwase Yoshiyuki’s iconic images of Japanese Ama women in the 1950’s harvesting seaweed and diving for turban shells and abalone.

Suddenly all thoughts of fishing nets being lowered into the bitter cold of the North Sea were banished, replaced by the thought of innocent, alluring women running out of foaming water.

Which I have to say is a big improvement.

For all those about to rush over to Japan to do it a bit of fishing, I am sorry to say that this innocent way of life has long since disappeared.

Comfort yourselves with the thought that we have these wonderfully composed stills to remind us of what we missed.


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