Animals and Superheroes

Agan Harahap is Indonesian and a photographer. Beyond that I know little about him.

He’s done two series of images that have caught my eye in the last few years. The first features anthropomorphized animals placed in human situations including an ostrich in a supermarket, stags in a car, a dinosaur in the shower; all shot in a kind of snap shot style that makes it feel that this maybe happening for real.

Though I’m not sure how excited I’d feel about having a dinosaur in my shower, I think I’d like to live in a world where stags drive cars and ostriches shop at the local Whole Foods.

The second series, ‘Super Hero’ places masked avengers from Batman to Spiderman in old war photographs as if they were fighting on behalf of the allies to ensure victory.

This might be a none-to-subtle comment on how Americans view foreign policy or just an arresting idea that makes you relook at old images. Either way it works.

I look forward for the next quirky and offbeat idea from Harahap, who clearly has a gift for the surreal image.

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