The Gathering Storm

Photographer Kevin Erskine grew up on a farm in Hoskins, Nebraska, a town with a population of just 284.

About the most dramatic thing that happened to him was witnessing a tornado at the age of 12.

This event seemed to have turned him into a storm chaser and has led by turn to his beautiful new book ‘Supercell’, a collection of large format images of rotating thunderstorms.

As you’d expect for someone who has lived in nature all their lives, there is reverence for the power and beauty of the storm that is almost religious.

In many respects, the book reminds me of Richard Misrach’s ‘Golden Gate’ in both it’s color palette and its artfulness. The major difference between the books being the dynamism of the gathering storm, as opposed to the stillness of Misrach’s view.

All in all, an instant classic.

You can see more at his website

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