Julius Shulman: Modernist Man

If someone asked me my ideal space to live, I would always settle for any of the mid century modern homes that Julius Shulman photographed.

Case Study House no.22 would do.

And then perhaps the Arthur Elrod house as my Palm Springs get away.

It’s not really a love of sun or SoCal but a love of both these beautifully designed structures and the wonderful photographs that Shulman took of them.

On watching the inspiring documentary ‘Visual Acoustics’, I was pleased to see that not only was Shulman a brilliant photographer, he was also a wonderfully generous man.

Here was a person who believed passionately in what he did and used his influence to make the careers of architects he admired.

Even the way he stopped taking photographs speaks volumes of the human being he was.

He stopped because he no longer believed in the buildings he was shooting. The Post modernist movement that replaced modernism was to his eyes hideously ugly and not something he wanted to immortalize through his lens.

The result is a body of work that perfectly encapsulates an era.

Julius Shulman

2 thoughts

  1. Great post. Just watched Visual Acoustic the other night and sat there with my mouth hanging open at his photography and at the simplicity and elegance of all of the featured modern architecture. Amazing.

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