Enchanting Beauty

On the face of it, Alfred Cheney Johnston was little more than a photographer who handled publicity shots for Flo Ziegfeld and his Ziegfeld girls in the Jazz Age.

It was only after his death in a car crash in 1971 that more, shall we say, ‘artistic’ shots were revealed. Nude and semi-nude images, possibly done at the behest of Flo Ziegfeld or maybe on the photographer’s own initiative, were discovered at Johnston’s Oxford, Connecticut residence.

They are more than just a bit of under the counter smut. Johnston’s had been trained as a painter before taking up photography and this is very much reflected in his eye for composition. The images have a staged almost Pre-Raphaelite feel.

Even the more refined images like the ones featured have a seductive, sexy quality that beats any number of the crass, airbrushed porn shots available on the internets these days.

2 thoughts

  1. Impressive work, I’ve always liked these kinds of photograph, they say so much about the era they were taken in, and I agree that they beat the heck out of the airbrushed pictures of today…. Great Post!

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