From Russia with Love

The Nenets of northern SiberiaThe Nomadic Nenets are a tribe of people unknown to me. That was until Sebastiao Salgado chose to feature them as part of his ‘Genesis’ project. For the best 8 years Salgado has been scouring the world for people and places untouched by modern life. The project brought him to the arctic wastes of Northern Siberia where he took these moody evocative pictures of the Nenets.

The work bears all the hallmarks of Salgado’s poetic and humanist eye and are a great addition to this photographers cannon.

North of the Ob River, about 100 kilometers

The Nenets’ diet is based on reindeer meat and fish

The larger sledges are driven by the women

Portraits of Nenets in their tchoums

At the end of the day, after leading the herd north across

Ice cut out of a frozen lake is melted and then used for cooking & drinking

These caravans of sledges carry the belongings of the families in the group

The caravan of sledges prepares to cross the Ob River

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