Home Scary Home


For many of us the word home brings up ideas of something cozy and welcoming, a flickering far places, the tail of a wagging dog, the smile of a loved one or perhaps comfortable armchair.

Not so Todd Hido. I don’t know what an earth was going on in his family but his haunting images suggest something empty and ominous, like your home was the Bates Motel.

Even the streets that lead to these lonely isolated suburban dwellings feel like highways or more accurately back roads to hell.

When we venture inside things don’t get any better. Glowing TV screens bring to mind Poltergeist and any human figures featured are sexualized but in a way that makes them feel lonely and isolated like islands on wintery seas.


However whether or not we’d like to call one of these dwellings home, we would probably want to call one of his prints ours.

Like all great artists his images are moody, evocative and entirely distinctive. I just wouldn’t want to live there.

For those interested I found this great interview with Hido in Horn Magazine.











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