Ace in the Hole


It’s about time the outrageous monopoly of cable TV stations was challenged and finally Netflix have come up with a viable alternative

Their streaming of the excellent ‘House of Cards’ is a masterstroke.

How many would pay 100 bucks for a decent cable package each month, when 11.99 gets them unlimited films and now possibly original TV series that are designed for adults rather than teenagers?

Even if it was 25 or 30 a month I might go for that with just a few pieces of quality TV that allowed me to ditch the wall-to-wall dreck I get on cable.

As I understand it, stations like HBO make cable companies like Time Warner take on absurdly unwatchable channels that make finding programs you actually want to watch like searching for morality on Capitol Hill.


I welcome the possibility of switching off cable and switching on Netflix streaming if ‘House of Cards’ is what it’s going to bring me.

The series is based on a British TV series of the same name that I remember well.

I have to say the American version is better

Kevin Spacey’s performance is masterful. He brings just the right amount of highly considered malevolence to the part.

Robin Wright as his wife is equally perfectly cast. Her character is that are thing these days, a woman who can be both ambitious and ruthless while still expressing human vulnerability.  Something that requires real acting skill to pull off and writing chops to create.


The other key reason for the series superiority from the British original lies in the fact that it takes place in Washington rather than London. We know how much there is at stake in the most powerful country in the world, so it makes the level of duplicity seem somehow merited. We can almost root for Kevin Spacey’s character to overcome his more upstanding colleagues because well, that’s what it takes to make things happen in the capital.

As I understand it Netflix have committed to another 13 episodes of this great show and are also planning on releasing a new series of ‘Arrested Development’ I hope they get the rewards for their efforts.

After all, anything that gives me an opportunity to stick it to Time Warner has to be welcome.


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