The Face of the Age


For nearly twenty years Mark Story has been travelling the world taking pictures of centenarians. In that time he’s amassed over 15,000 portraits. Rather than take pictures of his subjects in their environment Story has chosen to shoot just the face on a deep black background and lights to emphasize the subjects wrinkles, which when you’re past 100 are somewhat extensive. Some portraits make us see the beauty of aging others the horror of it. All make us face our own mortality.










4 thoughts

  1. Their faces are beautiful. But why has the photographer taken them in such a way that their eyes look empty? The eyes are so important in a portrait. They tell stories. When I look at the last one, for example, it looks more like a mask than the portrait of a person.

    • It’s an interesting point. i think he’s chosen to go the high contrast route and concentrate on the wrinkles in the skin. There’s a guy called Lee Jeffries who takes portraits of homeless people. His images are very detailed and he really emphasizes the eyes which may explain why I like his work a bit more. i did a post on him a few months back. You should check him out if you don’t know him..

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