Risk: The Lesson of Robert Frank


‘You are free and you risk something by taking a photograph. It’s not taking a snapshot of your sister. You risk because this is maybe not the way people think one should photograph. So you go out on a more different road. There is a risk involved in that. And I think if an artist doesn’t take risks, then it’s not worth it.‘ Robert Frank 2007

This is a great quote I came across in an interview with photographer Robert Frank in 2007. In 1957 he changed the way we think about photography with his book ‘The Americans’ which eschewed the typical themes to create a wholly unseen vision of the country. ‘If an artist doesn’t take risks it’s not worth it’ should be a mantra every creative person lives by.

There are many great artist who know how to create something technically perfect but very few that make us see the world in a different way. As you can see from these photographs, Frank was one of them.






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