Overgrown and Growing on Me


I have to say that having blown hot and cold on moody crooner James Blake I’m now very definitely warming to his off-kilter and atmospheric style.

On the previous album I felt it to be so abstract as to be almost not there. I’d play the whole album without really registering anything but his cover of the Feist track ‘Limit to your love’.

On his new album Overgrown he’s added some tunes to the mix and created something that is both affecting and ‘sticky’. I’ve played a dozen times or more already and am finding each listen reveals something new.

In 2011 he collaborated on a track with Bon Iver and somehow that fits. He’s less of the musical producer who plays with studio technology that I had at first thought he was and more of a contemporary singer songwriter.

I read somewhere that Joni Mitchell turned up at his gig in California and he revealed himself to be a big fan of hers which again, listening to this new album makes total sense.

Naturally his latest effort won’t be as well received as the last simply because that shock of the new has gone but it’s been replaced by something altogether more deep and artful.

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