Young Blood


The photo series ‘Young Blood’ by Erika Larsen, about the next generation of American hunters, shows the importance of keeping an open mind when choosing a subject to do a photo essay on.

Many might have tried to judge the children in these images but Larsen chooses to try and understand instead. The result is an empathetic and quintessentially American photo essay showing the strange relationship Americans have with their guns, which appears to start early in many places in the country.


In defense of her young hunters, Larsen says the following.


‘I spent a year and half traveling across the United States looking
 for its next generation of hunters and the children I found put a young face 
on an ancient practice. Along the way I joined many hunting expeditions
 and sought the perspective of child hunters.

The faces reveal America’s youth connecting to hunting’s storied past.
Many children today while away their time with video games, television 
and movies. These young hunters take a different path.
For them, the thrill is learning to follow their instincts and
 being immersed in nature.’

It’s hard to argue with that though personally I’d rather they interacted with nature through the viewfinder of a camera rather than the sight of a gun.



Erika Larsen0004_1


erikalarsen_The Feather


Erika Larsen0005_1


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