Life’s a Blur

bill jacobson 4033

One thing that constantly amazes me is the sheer amount of interesting visual art out there that has somehow escaped my attention

It seems every month I’m discovering a new well-established figure in photography and art

Bill Jacobson fits this mold. He is best known for his beautiful, blurry images of the human form, landscape and city streets.


He first started using this technique in the late eighties as a way of expressing the loss experienced by many during the AIDS epidemic.

His figures in this early work seem luminous like the impression on a shroud, as if people captured were vanishing in front of our eyes.

His later color work is oddly reminiscent of Hopper and is described in his bio as reflecting a view of life seen through the mind’s eye rather than the sharp focus of the camera lens.


Perhaps this is the key to understanding his work. It exists on the plain of impression and feeling rather than ‘reality’, though ironically it feels more ‘real’ because of that.

This is a photographer who pictures our emotional journey through the world not merely its physical actuality.

Here’s a link to his site so you can enjoy more of his work








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