Nice to Meet You


One of the saddest things you can do in life is wonder around a Dog Shelter and watch the appealing eyes of those unwanted animals.

Too often ill treatment has led to them being cantankerous aggressive and unsociable meaning the chances of being taken home by anyone is about nil.

By the way just in case you didn’t know just because they are housed at a No Kill Animal Shelter doesn’t mean they won’t be destroyed. All that No Kill means is that that shelter doesn’t kill them but they usually give the animals to be put to sleep by a third party.

Sorry for being a Debbie Downer but that’s the way it is.


Martin Usborne who recently did a fine selection of photos featuring dogs trapped in cars has another collection ‘Nice to Meet You’ featuring abandoned dogs shot through various materials.

Most of the dogs were not the kind you would want to pet, one was even a wolf, but the pictures created have a mysterious beauty to them and act as a reminder of the many beings out there separated from love by circumstance.






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