Jazz for the Eyes

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Apart from its occasional appearance on ‘Homeland’, jazz is a mainly forgotten art form. Yet along with country music and blues it represents a uniquely American musical gift to the world that should be remembered long after the American empire fades away.

If that comes to pass every sax solo or piano riff should be accompanied by William Claxton’s images of jazz musicians.

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His book ‘Jazz Life’ is a staggeringly all-encompassing picture of a time when Jazz was the musical form most Americans would listen to above all others

Whether it’s legendary pianist Thelonious Monk, emotive vocalist Dinah Washington or symbol of west cool Chet Baker, Claxton was on hand to create what he termed as  ‘jazz for your eyes’.

William_Claxton dizzy G copy

frank-sinatra-hollywood-1954-william-claxton copy

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william claxton 2 copy

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