Jon Hopkins at Santos House Party


There are some for whom the prospect of hearing 2 or 3 hours of repetitive loops and beats being played had high volume to a crowd in a small room is the stuff that living hells are made of.

It is hard for them to get beyond the fact that they are looking at a geeky man in a t-shirt in front of an open Macbook.

Where’s the stage show? The hard rocking grizzled dudes, the booty-shaking chicks, the spectacular laser lighting or the set design that reminds you of the latest Broadway musical?

Answer: Probably in the 1990’s where you left them guv.

For this is the music of now that needs no lyrical adornments. Just the supple melodies and tweaked beats that can send its fans into a trance like reverie.

There’s just something about really good house/techno that make people lose their shit. It demands nothing of you but that you go with it and get lost in its labyrinthine maze of rhythm

Jon Hopkins the headliner of the show at Santos House Party is a prime exponent of the genre. His album ‘Immunity’ is one of the best of the year not just for its ability to make you move but also for its contrasting haunting melodies.

Hopkins is unusual in that he has also made a folk album with Scot King Creosote. It’s a beautiful and moving album and some of that feel seeps into tracks like ‘Breathe this Air’ and the title track perfectly, breaking up the full on nosebleed techno that surrounds it.

Though his set started with the pretty down tempo ‘Abandoned Window’ it quickly amped up the atmosphere with tracks ‘Open Eye Signal’,’ Collider’ and a thoroughly boshing version of his best known track to date ‘Light through the veins’

In short, it was electrifying but it made you realize just how little music you hear today feels progressive and forward thinking. I’ve nothing against retro per se but you would think there would be more people making music in newer formats

I came out of the show buzzing and desperate to put on some ear buds and crank up some loud four to floor house straight into my synapses.

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