Repave Rethink


Volcano Choir’s last album was horrible. It’s just my view but I have to be fair to my ears and never ever play it again unless someone has a gun to my head. Then I might consider it. Death may ultimately prove the better course of action however.

Imagine my surprise when I accidentally heard a track from the latest album and loved it.

On further exploration the whole thing turns out to be that rarity in modern music, a good album that you can put on and play out from start to finish without the need to skip a track

The opener ‘Tiderays’ is still my favorite and is a great use of Justin Vernon’s voice.

On his last Bon Iver album I felt that there was a bit too much emoting and over 10 or 11 tracks I found myself getting the feeling of having eaten a packet of sugar. Fine for the first mouthful but rather vomit inducing over the long haul.

No such problem on ‘Repave’ where his distinctive folk/soul/pop vocal is leavened with some low-key arrangements work and fine, euphoric choruses.

I hear by vote Volcano Choir’s ‘Repave’ as one of my favorite’s of the year and look forward to playing it endlessly during the long winter nights ahead of me.




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