Silver Wilkinson


A few years back, while driving through the sun-drenched streets of Los Angeles, one album was by constant in-car companion.

Bibio’s ‘Ambivalence Avenue’, a wonderful dreamy combination of found sound and drifty acoustic pop that sounded like the very last thing you would expect to find on Warp records.


Indeed the music (the work of one Stephen Wilkinson) often has the terrifying word ‘experimental’ associated with it, which is frankly the last word I would use to describe it, unusual maybe or perhaps slightly off-kilter but not experimental. It’s too melodic and delicate for that.


His new album ‘Silver Wilkinson’ is a wonderful and unjustly ignored release from a modern master.

Tracks like ‘You won’t remember’ have the tender acoustic ache of lost love, while ‘You’ sounds like it could have been an out take from a J Dilla album. ‘A tout a l’heure’ is perhaps the most infectious song on the album and’ Business Park’ the closest to label mates, Boards of Canada.

Yet even with the widely divergent genres used, there is still a feel that is recognizably and uniquely Bibio’s own; a sound piped in from a parallel but better universe with a gossamer lightness that reminds you of a lazy, heat-haze on a summer’s day.

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