Julianna Barwick in Church


I can’t say I’m a regular churchgoer. In fact, there aren’t many altars that have ever borne witness to my presence.

Yet I had no problem heading down to Our Lady of the Lebanon Catholic Church in Brooklyn Heights last night. For I was worshipping at the feet of Julianna Barwick, who performed her album ‘Nepenthe’ for a rapt and very irreligious audience.


The album sounds like it was recorded by a couple of angels in their spare time and live we’re aware that most of these angels are Barwick herself, her voice looped and slightly altered to help create her angelic choir. She is joined on stage by two backing singers and violinist to add an extra ethereal quality to songs like ‘ Forever’.

I can’t say I had a religious experience under the Catholic icons but I did have profound musical one.

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