Antonio Smith


One of the pleasures of music is discovering something entirely new and almost forgotten from the dusty musical past.

I’ve had several such pleasant surprises already this year but arguably the most pleasant has been a guy called Antonio Smith. He is a Chilean folk rock performer from the 1970’s who initially was in a band called Congregation who produced a sublime psych folk album in 1971. It’s called ‘Viene’ and if you’re a fan of the Tropicalia movement of late sixties/early seventies Brazil then I’m guessing you might enjoy this too.

This year however has seen the rerelease of two of his seventies solo albums  ‘Ven Seamos Mas’ and ‘Somos el Mundo’ both of which prove to have a mellow addictiveness that I find perfect to play during a relaxing evening in. Drawing on Inca mythology as well as then contemporary psychedelia, they aim to be in harmony with nature in the hippy way of the time and succeed admirably.


It seems to be relatively hard to find but if you’re looking to buy a copy of the solo albums I recommend Other Music’s website for these and other obscure musical gems.

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