Ahmad Jamal


I would be highly pleased if I was still alive at 83 let alone creating innovative Jazz records like pianist Ahmad Jamal. Last year the octogenarian produced ‘Saturday Morning’ an album, which followed 2012’s highly praised ‘Blue Moon’.

Described by critic Stanley Crouch as second in importance after Charlie Parker in the development of Jazz post 1945, he has a stellar back catalogue. Among the highlights is his 1955 recording of the jazz standard ‘Poinciana’ considered by many to by the definitive version of this track.

Hip hop fans may also know Jamal through Nas’ 1994 hit ‘The World is You’ which features as ample of  ‘I love music’ from his ‘The Awakening’ album.

While Clint Eastwood featured tracks from his album ‘But not for me’ on the film ‘The Bridges of Madison County’

Then again when you’ve created five decades of recorded music to choose from you’d expect that.

His sound combines the syncopation of Horace Silver with the off kilter rhythms of Thelonius Monk and the lyricism of Bill Evans, while still remaining entirely his own thing.

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