Food for Thought



I am a very greedy man. Hence my interest in a book by William Sitwell titled a History of Food in 100 Recipes’

It turns that the book is much more than just a recipe book. It is a witty and entertaining journey through the food of the ages.

From Ancient Egyptian bread in 1958 BC through petits soufflés a la rose in 1833 to Asian Salad with ponzu ginger dressing in 2006 it’s a fascinating journey which wouldn’t have been possible at all without the Chefs who felt the need to share their magic art in the form of the cookery book.


The first of these, was written by a Sicilian Greek named Archestratus in 350 BC and down through the ages people have copied his example becoming ever more prescriptive and detailed in their description of recipes with each age.


If you’re looking for a book you can just graze on or devour in bite size chunks, this one is a delectable and beautifully produced treat for the foodie.

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