Capa in Color

One of the world’s most famous photojournalists, Robert Capa founded the Magnum photo agency and made his name with hard-hitting black and white images featuring subjects as diverse as D-Day and Pablo Picasso.

However, Capa had a hidden side. It turns out he was also a dab hand at color photography as well. ICP blows the lid off his secret talent with the ‘Capa in Color’ exhibition.


Shots of Second World War soldiers and Arab horsemen mingle with images of Ava Gardener and Swiss skiers.

It all feels incredibly glamorous until the inclusion of a few color images from his assignment to Indochina, later to be known as Vietnam. Like Larry Burrows after him, he became a victim of this tragic land by stepping on a landmine.

A short but action packed life ended that day but the images most certainly live on in glorious Kodachrome.

If you’re lucky enough to live in New York, I suggest you pop along to Sixth Avenue and check it out.

capa_6x6 002


Capa Tunisia

USA. Sun Valley, Idaho. October 1941.  Ernest Hemingway with his son, Gregory.

capa_3x4 009

capa_3x4 001


capa_6x6_2 005

capa_4x5 006

Wonderful Colour Photographs of World War II by Robert Capa (3)

capa_kodachrome 048

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