Excerpts from Silver Meadow.


Todd Hido is famous for his depiction of eerie unpopulated homes and weirdly haunted landscapes. The lanes in his suburban neighborhoods feel like they lead to one of the circles of hell. Nothing good can come of this world.
What are strangely absent are people, who make only occasional visits to his photographs. This all changes with his series ‘Excerpts from Silver Meadow’, named for the Kent, Ohio neighborhood he grew up in.


The unsettling homes are still there but now their probable occupants are shown. They are women who seem like the victims or observers of some crime or perhaps the willing participants in some seedy sexual adventure.
Whatever our conclusions about what may have gone on in these rooms, the pictures make us invent some kind of dark narrative.
Like David Lynch, another artist famous for reimagining the suburbs, Hido is a master at taking the comfortingly familiar and turning it on its head.









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