A German Colossus in America

Wolf von dem Buschs died recently. This is a fitting overview of his work

Fans in a Flashbulb


Wolf von dem Bussche, American Colossus, portfolio “Homage to Max Ernst”, 1969 (551.1982.a)


Wolf von dem Bussche, The Messenger, portfolio “Homage to Max Ernst”, 1971 (551.1982.i)


Wolf von dem Bussche, Reception Committee, portfolio “From the Peaceable Kingdom”, 1969 (551.1982.d)


Wolf von dem Bussche, The Flirt, portfolio “From the Peaceable Kingdom”, 1972 (551.1982.e)


Wolf von dem Bussche, Homage to Stieglitz, portfolio “N.Y., N.Y.”, 1976 (551.1982.b)


Wolf von dem Bussche, Trade Center Towers IV, portfolio “N.Y., N.Y.”, 1976 (551.1982.b)


Wolf von dem Bussche, Washington Square with Trade Center Towers, portfolio “N.Y., N.Y.”, 1976 (551.1982g)

Trained as a painter, Wolf von dem Bussche was inspired by his friend and neighbor André Kertész to explore the field of photography. Even though his father had always warned him that…

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